Wretched of the Earth

Apr 17 2014


Blacklisted - Wish

"Wish I knew safety. 
Wish nothing phased me. 
Wish I felt more than just feelings of unrest. 
Wish the darkness didn’t cloud me.
Wish I wasn’t an emotional wreck”

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Ten years ago, photographers James and Karla Murray began documenting the unique storefronts that define New York as a wonderfully diverse place to live. After a decade had passed, the pair went back to the same locations, only to sadly discover that many of the charming family-owned stores had been pushed out and replaced by large chains, banks, and generic businesses. The Murrays documented these rapid changes with side-by-side photographs compiled in a book entitled Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York.

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Field Roast should so make a cycling cap/jersey in the style of the Molteni cap and jersey Eddy wore. I would wear them and try to be the vegan Merckx. Or even Tofurky. Anyone who makes vegan sausages since Molteni made sausage.

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I’m also real glad shorts season is back because now I can just wear my tight short cycling shorts and people can look at my nice ass legs and think I’m a babe and stuff

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I’m so impressed with my quads. They’re so freakin nice right now I’m so happy with my legs

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Apr 16 2014


Two things that would make Boston the absolute best: 

  1. Affordable rent
  2. A velodrome within a 20 minute ride of the city

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